Stony Plain council accepts report on storm water facility expansion

The Town of Stony Plain heard plans for a storm water project costing $2 million Monday.

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The Town of Stony Plain heard plans for a storm water project costing $2 million Monday. If approved later, the community would acquire land near Freson Bros. for the additional infrastructure.

“What we did was we accepted for information a report on expanding our [storm water management],” Mayor William Choy said. “Previously, 10 to 15 years of development occurred without having to address this, but as regulations have changed, all municipalities have had to address storm water management. If you look, older subdivisions do not have storm ponds, but newer ones do.”

According to documents on the project posted in the agenda for the meeting, council would need to enter into negotiation or land acquisitions with interested property owners in order to develop the project. This process, which is expected to cost more than $200,000, would be completed in 2019 before design was carried out in the same year and into 2020 with construction estimated to begin in 2020 and into 2021.


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Though one could see it being necessary to prevent flooding, Councillor Linda Matties said it is not so much a serious need, but more a proactive measure to account for past absence.

“The reason we are bringing this forward is because, in the past older buildings were built with no understanding about the needs for storm water,” she said. “As we have grown and technology had improved, we have learned how significant it is. When we develop moving forward, we are always including storm water in plans.”

Managing the issue has been a longtime component of many municipalities in Canada as a part of sustainable living. In 2002, the British Columbia government put out a guidebook on the issue and more recently, the topic was raised by candidates in Ottawa’s civic elections as a matter of local importance. In Stony Plain, Matties says the town is handling it well.

“This would be a concern if we did not manage things properly,” Matties said. “With the land by Freson Bros., they’ve basically created a storm water pond behind them to ensure proper flow of water. You have to have a place, a reservoir for water to go to.”

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